Monday, December 19, 2011

Very close. Vegetable garden near the house.

Very close. Vegetable garden near the house.

          In fact, many vegetables, ginger, galangal, lemongrass, sweet basil is the position or the pool. But they all have them. The medicinal properties of herbs that I have heard it said that for now I want you around. About the benefits of vegetable gardening are the same.

          The children often being used to keep your backyard vegetable garden frequently. Small house. We have plenty of space for growing vegetables to eat their own cooking. But the move itself was embedded in the capital.
I have a vegetable garden is not private anymore.

Basil is a vegetable that has a strong smell, some say pungent aroma that some people, but whether or pungent aroma. Thyme is an ingredient in Thai food for a long time As well as having medicinal properties than we used to know a lot. So do not be surprised if basil flavor to vegetables. And in curry dishes such as curry.

Basil someone is mad In fact, it is vegetables contain nutrients include vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Medicinal properties.
Medicinal properties of basil is the best solution is to help digestion and colic แnentgag because it can help expel intestinal. But for people who hate Ekgaasg basil. You may be secretly glad to know that vegetables are not just good, sweet basil leaves. The seeds can also be soaked in water to swell out a remedy with a twist.

Did you know.         

           • Alzheimer's disease patients with basil. Given that the early medical texts. Basil leaves and roots were white, 40 degree low enough profile to put a little alcohol. Stir well and bring it up just hot enough. Keep warm. Wants it to cover the knees of 10-15 minutes 1-2 times a day, then I will not stay down.         
           • that basil is a traditional sex stimulant too.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Herbal treatment of acne

Herbal treatment of acne

As we know that the mechanisms of acne with a wide range of emotions that cause acne. Very serious acne sores. Some foods can cause acne as well. It was not clear if the products used to clean clogged pores.

Facial skin is beautiful. We should start from a good defense. Not a problem, then treatment. At present, the little girl's head. They entrust them with more herbs.
It is hoped that it will not cause adverse effects or harmful.

One of the herbs mentioned in the benefits of the treatment is "Aloe Vera", the herbal species that leaf. In a clear jelly rubber and rubber yellow yellow, this need to be careful. It can cause allergic dermatitis. If accidentally applied to the burning sensation. Some people are allergic skin rashes. If you want to know that we will lose it. I used to cut a new aloe on the area  arm. Leave it for about 3 minutes if there is itching. That means we lose skin.

Most of us will see him in the aloe vera for skin. However, this type is not suitable for dry skin. If used alone to make the skin dry. I used to mix with olive oil or egg yolks were hard to evenly and completely to mask it a while then rinse your face will clear skin, but for someone to finish it, put it on the cut. to allow water to flow out before it a yellow rubber to remove only the jelly inside the paint or the mask while it is being squeezed tight pores smaller. It makes your face drop.

Banana is also beneficial to the skin as well. If we put a banana into a blender with 1 cup of honey to the face mask for 15-20 minutes then rinse it makes your skin look radiant in lemons used to be quite useful in facial care. We use lemon juice instead of soap or cleanser to foam. Or may use a large egg whites 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1 goal Marl 2 tablets 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon honey, mix together the cream to thicken the mask body for about 20-30 minutes then rinse it every day. will clear up your skin soft and smooth.

 In addition to aloe vera. There are also other herbs that can be used, such as onion skin when we bring the glasses and a thin slice to paint a black skin acne spots leave it for about 10 minutes, then rinse. With regular use, acne will disappear.The one with acne inflammation. Should not use aloe vera as well. It is easy to cause infection in someone with skin concerns. The use of Aloe Vera even though it is not treated. But a good defense. We can be applied to protect against UV radiation, which when used regularly will help reduce blemishes.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The benefits of citronella

The benefits of citronella

Citronella ... the better

          Citronella is another name is Kylie Taacrgแdg Ta Ma Ma chi teacher will scraping Citronella Grass is the common name for a species of plant The head of the underground stem is erect, but it came out as Governor. The outer cone is a grass house. But there are color red. About 2 meters tall.

The roots are used for the following properties.

I love how anxious and distracted.

This air pressure to solve the blood does not normally stock. Used as a cure cracked lips. Cure hemorrhoids in the mouth. I firmly resolve expel intestinal gastric ulcer care to drive the menstrual blood of pregnant women, so if you have access to abortion.

Use of oral contraceptives. Sang in the colon cleansing.

Apply insect repellent to prevent mosquito activity. Can be used as a flea treatment for dogs.

           However, the use of citronella. Some cases can use a single herb. Some cases in combination with other drugs.

           Current practice has prepared to use a variety of forms including sprays, lotions, oils, cosmetics, fragrance. This is because there are no harmful side effects are there.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I should know about bananas.

           "Banana" fruit eating local easy. I have no nutritional value at all anyway. It can be made. Almost all parts of a flower bell balls to eat out. The Thai people are also noted. Can be trickier to remove. I was cooking banana variety. Both savory and sweet. Plus, there are many varieties to choose again the banana banana, banana, eggs, etc.

           Banana is rich in natural sugar, fruit and 3 types of sucrose and glucose combined with fiber, and master's food waste. Bananas will help boost energy to the body immediately. Research found that just two bananas provide enough energy can result. To exercise fully as long as 90 minutes.

           The benefits of bananas, not just the energy only. Also help to overcome. And prevent disease. Will have on my body for many diseases. Will help prevent some of the mold to find out the list.    
1. Anemia and iron in bananas will help stimulate the production of blood globin in the blood. And will help in the event of a state of being. Or anemia.

2. Disease, high blood pressure. What are the elements potassium peak. The low salt content. Making it a perfect food to help blood pressure. Do. In America. Allow the industry to grow bananas, banana is a fruit that can advertise special help reduce the harm caused by a blood pressure or disease of the blood vessels.          

3.'re Brain Twickenham school were 200 students benefit from the exam this year. By eating a banana. Meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. To enhance the capacity of the brain in them. Research shows that the amount of potassium products are packed in a banana can give students a greater awareness of learning.

4. Disease, constipation, fiber and fiber in a banana to a normal bowel movement. And also to solve them. Constipation drug problem without taking it.

5. Disease, depression, based on a survey of the number of people suffering from depression, many people will have. Feeling much better after eating a banana. Because the protein, called Try Potophan on this substance into the body. Is possible to kill erotonin is known as relaxation, improve mood better. Is to make us feel happy up there.

6. Hangover fastest way to cure a hangover is to drink banana smoothies with bananas, milk and honey will make your stomach quiet down. The honey will boost the amount of added sugar in the blood that runs in the milk, it helps. The liquid level in our body.

7. Heartburn. Bananas contain a natural acid that affects our bodies. If a problem with heartburn, try eating a banana a fruit. You will feel relief from heartburn is.

8. The discomfort in the morning. Eating a banana as a snack between meals. To maintain blood sugar levels constant. To avoid discomfort in the morning.

9. Mosquito bites by using mosquito cream fix. Try using banana peel paint the inside of the mosquito bites. Many people find it amazing that Banana peel can solve pill rash caused by a mosquito bite.

10.'s Policy for controlling blood sugar. By eating a snack at the Drake Hotel in Manchester car every 2 hours to maintain a high sugar content to remain at all times. Eating a banana, vitamin B-6, which contains glucose levels can affect mood. Help calm the nervous system.

11. Disease, gastrointestinal ulceration. Banana is a medicine used to control the food. To resist disease, gastrointestinal ulceration. The meat of the banana has a soft fit. It is easy to eat only fruit. Not difficult for those with chronic intestinal disease problems. The banana also has a neutral pH. Reduces irritation. And also to coat the intestinal wall and stomach as well.

12. The control of body temperature. In many cultures see bananas. The fruit can be made. Temperatures cool down, both physically and mentally. The temperature of the mood of the people as a mother, I expect. For example, in Thailand Women who are pregnant to eat a banana every day to make sure. Born in July. The cold temperatures.

13. The confusion of emotions, from time to time. Bananas can also help in terms of emotion and confusion. Because natural banana skin Try Potophan a good mood.

14. Drinker Smoking Bananas can also help people trying to quit smoking. Because the banana is the amount of vitamin B 6 and B 12 C is very high and still have potassium and magnesium. That help the body recover as fast as a result. Reduce nicotine cessation of it.

15. Stress pro potassium are essential nutrients. That allows the heartbeat to normal. Oxygen delivery to the brain and the water level in the body. Times of emotional stress on the body's metabolic rate is high. Professional and potassium in our body decreases. The project has a high potassium in bananas helps to achieve balance.

16. The blood vessels break. Of research in the journal "The New England Journal of Medicine" eating bananas regularly can reduce the harm caused to the blood vessel up to 40%.

17. Disease, genital warts cure genital warts with natural alternatives. By using the banana peel onto the wart off. Then use the adhesive or tape to the yellow color of a banana peel out. Treatment of warts can be cured.

          I see a banana really is a versatile fruit. It's easy and delicious to eat. Also helps to cure various diseases. The natural abundance. Therefore, you should be eating a banana every day. At least one and just being healthy, it becomes my banana.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Herbs to reduce cholesterol

Statistics from the World Health Organization estimates that global population over 7 million visitors a year have died. Heart disease and stroke. At the same time, Thailand has been found. With a population of more than 50 percent have high blood cholesterol than normal and more than 200 milligrams per deciliter. And found to have died from the disease, about 7 people per hour, equivalent to 61,320 people per year, cardiovascular disease is the second largest killer of Thai people after cancer

Cholesterol is a type of fat in the body. And in the diet. Is critical to the functioning of the body, such as to make bile to help digest fat to the diet.
The various hormones in the body and the source of the vitamin.

While if the blood vessels to the heart. The acute heart failure. Until death. This is a high cholesterol diet. Foods that contain egg yolks.
In animals, but animals such as shrimp, squid, seafood, some of the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Research School of Medicine. Ramathibodi Hospital. University officials said the lunch menu with some fat or starch, such as curry, coconut milk or fried in oil. Food available, but it makes the dough rise in blood triglycerides. Or it may have some weight gain, high cholesterol, which finally will result in consequences.
So who are vegetarian should avoid such foods.

Another menu.
Saba is the central point is going where. Saba is grilled skin. The low fat diet with iodine and medicinal plants. It is useful to health. Herbs such as ginger, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves with lemon pepper, garlic, shallots and shredded cabbage. Citrus fruits, tomato sauce and a squeeze of lemon juice to the water mixture. Tomato sauce, fish sauce, palm sugar, then bring all the ingredients. Except for the Saba Saba and mix them together and placed in a dish with rice, 1 cup of tea all the time you pour the fish. There are also cholesterol-free menu, including the many drunken noodle stir-fried fresh fish.